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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rev. Peter Patrick Butler 1807-1870

After Thomas Maxwell was imprisoned, Patrick Henry came to his defense. Tradition says that he converted a jailer and his whole family. His prominent nose was partially scared from pressing against the bars as he preached. Rev. Maxwell founded Falling Creek Baptist Church in 1788.
Located three miles South of Elberton Ga. It was the spiritual home of many Virginia settlers including members of the Butler family. Other members there were the Dye, Fannin, and Bell families.
All were related by blood or marriage to Butlers in Elbert Co. James Butler, Zachs oldest son was a member and in 1829 Peter Patrick Butler grandson of Patrick Butler, joined the fellowship. He later became a deacon and in 1832 he was licensed to preach. Falling Creek authorized his ordination March 6,1833. While leading churches in Oglethorpe Co. Ga. , he baptised 345 people.
Farming to provide for his family, he did not take full payment for his preaching. He was married twice. Millie Bell was his first wife. They had several children including Joseph B. Butler a minister who lived in Tennessee, Harriet, Louisa Martha, Sylareus, Sally, Elizabeth, and Letichia. Later he married Rebecca Glenn. In Jackson Co. where some of his Butler cousins lived he married Nathan Butler and Nancy Adams Oct 7, 1835.
After serving for over 39 years he died at his home in Oglethorpe Co. Ga. April 30, 1870 at 63.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Patrick Butler..Perhaps you are one of his.

There are many Patricks in the Butler lineage. Zachariah named one of his older sons this name. Patrick Butler was born March 1,1760 in Hanover Co Va. Perhaps he was named for the lawyer Patrick Henry. Henry was an avid hunter and in his youth spent much of his time in the woods. His father set him up as the bartender in the local tavern and many men in Hanover Co met there to discuss politics and business. After finding his calling in the law and defending cases such as the Parsons Cause, his oratory inspired many against English rule. You will probably will find a Patrick or two in your line if you are descended from Zachariah. Patrick Butler served more than one enlistment in the Revolution. The first was referred to in the pension application of Edward Clark from Elbert Co Ga. Patrick and his brother James declared that they were acquainted with Edward Clark while in the company of Captain Robert Ballard and the regiment of Col. Stephens. Edwards said he served beginning Nov. 12, 1777-1778. In the History of Elbert Co it states that Patrick resided in Mecklenburg Co Va and enlisted in service as a substitute for William Allgood, in Capt. James Anderson's Co. Col. Nelson's regiment, stationed at Portsmouth 3 months.
He served 15 months under Captain Brown in 1781. He then served under General Gates at the Battle of Camden. After fighting with General Nathaniel Greene in the Battle of Guilford Court House, he was captured twice by Tories as he made his way back home. After the war he remained in Va two years and then moved to Wilkes Co Ga to settle on land he received for his service. He married Elizabeth Rebecca Fannin in 1780. Zachariah and most of his sons and family all moved to land in Georgia and their gggrandchildren are spread all over the Southern States and beyond. Perhaps you are one of them......