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Friday, February 3, 2012

Memorial For Zachariah And Patrick Butler

The day was beautiful and the Butler's and related families were awe struck by the moving tribute to our colonial grandfathers.What they did over 250 years ago we can not fully comprehend. How they felt to set foot on their land in Elbert County Georgia for the first time, we can only imagine. The spirit of adventure, self determination and downright courage inspires us. The thought provoking struggles they endured to be free and the masters of their own fate leaves me wondering what has become of us? Have we become so self centered and self indulgent that we have lost their endurance? What can we learn from their willingness to risk all for the chance of liberty? In the forefront we learn of their fight and in the background we see the result of their faith. Soon after securing political freedom they went about exercising their religious freedom. Small churches dot the landscape wherever new towns and farms were born in the new country. Have we become rich in material wealth only to become poor in faith? Can we learn anything from the last few years about depending on that wealth for our security, happiness, and well being? How quickly it faded in the wake of the"great recession". What would happen if we all reflected on the source of a better security? The faith of our colonial grandfathers and grandmothers was in God, and family and friends. We as a country would do well to try that for awhile.

Colonial Soldier

The Colors

The SAR Color Guard

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