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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The 11th Ga and Gettysburg..150 Years later......

 The soil of Pennsylvania at Gettysburg contains the blood of America's finest. Young men poured out their lifeblood, forever making it sacred ground. Six months before he died at Gettysburg Lieutenant Matthew Talbot Nunnally wrote his family in and recounted the movements of the sons of Walton County.

After sickness and recovery and a short trip home, he returned to duty and died at Gettysburg with thousands of others. He was 25 years old. Henry McDaniel recounted how Matts bravery and attention to duty was reflected in everything he did. His life was cut short by the "conflict to end all conflicts". A marble statue  in the Monroe Cemetery, was commissioned by his sister in his memory. It stands high above the others, his young handsome face staring forward with his sword at his side and in full uniform.

Many others died that day and were wounded from the 11th. Their lives were cut short, dreams were unfulfilled, and to the families of the fallen their memory kept forever young. As wives and parents grew old, the faces of the fallen were frozen at the moment of death.

This year marks an anniversary. Remember all those who sacrificed. Take some time to reflect, and pray that we learned something.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Directions to Zachariah Butler and Patrick Butler's Graves.....

Making the trip to visit the final resting place of an ancestor can be frustrating and even disappointing. I have below some details of the directions to the graves of our Colonial Grandfathers Zachariah and Patrick Butler.

The pictures of their markers on this site are several years old and I have been told that the markers may be now laying flat on the ground and not easily seen.

The graves are located in Fortsonia Ga. below Elberton. From Hwy 17,  get on George Ward Road. Located on the Dye homeplace off the road behind a house about 80 yards in a field.
I hope this helps any of you who want to make the journey to Elbert Co Ga. When you get there say a prayer of thanks for these two brave souls whose blood runs through thousands of us today.

 If anyone has better directions please leave a comment for others who may want to try and find the location of these graves.

If you go out to the site and find them please let me know also.