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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Irish Roots Or English Boots?

From the beginning of my search for our Butler ancestors I found over and over that they were we have some red hair out there and a few short tempers? Are we great story tellers, musicians, romantics full of blarney ? Stereotypes filled my imagination. I spoke with a researcher who said someone told her a gggrandfather still had a little Irish brogue in his speech. Is that why there are so many Patricks in our family?
Now I learn that Zachariah Butler ,the first grandfather that I know belongs to our line.. may have Christopher Butler as his father a possible Englishman. Oh well, we may learn soon as the Butler DNA project is well underway.
If you are a male Butler I urge you to take the DNA test..lets see where our roots really are.
Lets start at the beginning as far back as I have found.

Zachariah Butler b1736 Hanover Co Virginia
The same year and county as Patrick Henry. Everyone in Hanover Co knew who Patrick Henry was, knew of his support for the revolution and many had heard him speak in person. At the Williamsburg website you can hear his most famous speech given. I urge you to listen and try to see why our ggggrandfather Zach joined the Virginia Continental line in Sept 1780.

Look at the copy of "The Size Roll" Zach and his oldest son James are the last two on the page. James outlived several wives and had over 20 children. He and most of them went to Alabama, where he is buried. I am not sure which son of Zach that we are decended from...Hopefully the Butler DNA project will answer that question. James was the oldest, then Patrick, Nathan and Joel. More on them later. Not everyone knows the height, eye and hair color of their grandfather born in 1736..we do. He was a planter, he fought for America's freedom and for that he was awarded a 200 acre plot of land on the banks of the Wathachee Creek in Elbert Co Ga. He, his wife and most of his children left Virginia and walked/rode to Georgia. They had guts to do that. North Georgia at that time was a wilderness. Trees as big around as SUVS. Wild game..bear,turkey,deer,mountain lion, bob cat, panther,and the unknown. Native American lands had been traded-taken- and pioneers were pouring into the southern colonies. The sides of his property say vacant on several sides with a Hickory tree as markers for the boundary. No neighbors for miles, no hospitals, no firemen, no police, no one to rescue or help..just themselves and no doubt their faith in God..who surely was watching over our grandfather as he chopped that first tall tree down and heard it fall in the forest so long ago.....

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