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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ain't nothing left but the cryin'........

After the war Mary(Polly) M. Whitley Butler carried on with what was left of her life. She had a lot to be thankful for. She was in good health and she had her children who needed her. I am sure she received help from relatives also. They were not going to let her family starve. William(Will) and Mary(Polly) did not own any slaves. They were used to working hard and doing everything for themselves. Even though they could not read or write they managed through that hard work and determination. Later Congress and the state of Georgia approved pensions for confederate widows of $100.00 per year. By putting her X on the application Mary, got this pension. Mary lived with one of her children the rest of her life. She lived her final years in Centerville, Ga. with her daughter Rebecca Francis, who married Henry C. McCullers. Mary's son James Butler married Josephine McCullers, which produced many Butler/McCullers double first cousins. See this picture of a reunion held in 1918. Mary is the old lady in the front row. Rebecca is sitting next to her and her son James is on the other side.In 1911 Mary Butler, Fannie & Henry McCullers, Celia Butler, and Marie Butler were members of Rockbridge Baptist Church, one of the oldest churches in Gwinnett County Ga. May 14,1920 she died at the age of 92 and she is buried in the church cemetery on Hwy 124 in Centerville, Ga. Aunt Jewell said they called her "Big Mama".

William H. Butler B 1827 m Mary Whitley 1849
Nathan Patrick (Papa Butler's father)
Rebecca Francis (Fannie)
James W.
Joseph Henry

Nathan Patrick Butler b 1851 m Elizer Georgia Robertson Jan 16, 1881
William T. Butler Oct 17,1881
Clayborn P. Butler May 25,1883 d Nov.24,1884
Merty R Butler Aug 18,1885 d May 12,1887
Neasey L Butler Nov 22,1887 d May 4,1891
Nobie F.Butler Nov 20 1890
The three children between Papa Butler and his sister Nobie died young. The story has been told that one died from a pitch fork in the eye, one from falling into scalding water, and one from pneumonia. They are buried in Youth Ga in a Family cemetery ( Reed) on Gum Creek Church Road. Patrick and Georgia are buried at Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, Grayson Ga. It is well known in our family that Georgia called Patrick Mr. Butler...after all he was 30 and she was just a teenager when they married..........

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