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Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Son Of Zachariah Butler...

Joel Butler was born in 1764 in Hanover Co Va. He like James, Patrick and Nathan joined Zachariah and Mary Butler in settling in Wilkes then Elbert Co Ga.
There may be other sons that either stayed in Va. or did not travel all the way to Ga., but stopped along the way to live in states along the route.
Joel Butler married Leticia Haley b1765 and in 1830 and 1840 they are living in Madison Co. Ga.Some of their children are Clemontyne b 1792 mWilliam Dudley, Haley b1793 mNancy Ward, Frederick b1800, Nancy b1804, Lucinda b1808, Patrick R. b1813, Piety b1814.
The Dudleys made it all the way to Texas.
I have found that many of the families who came from Va. are related by marriage. Many married second cousins and 2 brothers would marry 2 sisters making their children double first cousins. William Hansford married Sarah Fannin and Patrick Butler married her sister Elizabeth..then later Jane and Elizabeth Hansard daughters of William and Sarah married cousins Patrick Butler b1799 and James B. Butler b1799. Two Snellings siblings married 2 Butler siblings. As I researched , this happened over and over. Many belonged to the same churches and lived close to each other. Later the men folk would serve together in the Civil War and die on the battlefields or in the hospitals together.

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