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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Peter Patrick Butler & Hannah Snellings

 Patrick Butler and Elizabeth Fannin Butler's son, Peter Patrick Butler was born March 3, 1789 in Elbert Co Ga. With his father and two grandfathers Revolutionary War Veterans, Peter Patrick no doubt grew up hearing about their experiences in the conflict.
Zachariah Butler and Laughlin Fannin were both residents of Mecklenburg Co. Va. Oct 12, 1778 Laughlin Fannin took his oath to become a militia officer in the Va. Milita. In 1780 Ensign Laughlin Fannin was present when Joseph Butler enlisted.
Patrick married Laughlin's daughter Elizabeth and both families relocated to Elbert Co Ga after the war to settle their land awarded for their service. Peter Patrick Butler married Hannah Snellings B1788.
George Snellings Butler, son of Peter Patrick was born in 1803 in Elbert Co Ga. He married Catherine Booth Feb 17,1830. their children were William Sanford b 1831, Harriet A. b 1834, Samuel b 1836, and GeorgeW. b 1839.

George Snellings Butler

After Catherine's death in 1850, George Snellings Butler married Mary Ann Richards Dec. 15,1856. They had 12 children. David Ned b 1857, Elizabeth Jane b 1858, Patrick Henry b 1859, Ellen Augusta(Gussie) b 1861, James Thomas b 1862, Simon Clayton b 1863, Joseph Warren b 1866, Martha Ann b 1867, Benjamin F. b 1868, Susan F. (Susie) b 1870, Willis Jackson b 1871, Charles Walton b1875.

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