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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time Stood Still....11-12-11

Time stood still as around 100 descendants of Zachariah Butler  stopped to pay respects to him and his son Patrick in a small grove of tall poplars and oaks in Elbert County Georgia Saturday, November 12, 2011. As the Georgia SAR Color Guard marched in slow cadence to face the graves of these two Patriots, I marvelled at the meaning of it all.
Just as if on cue from a Hollywood director, a shower of brown leaves from the water oaks in the small circular cemetery began to twirl down around us.
The horses in the pasture just beyond the graves ran back and forth after the 21 gun musket salute, their graceful running breaking the silence.
This beautiful day, I will remember the rest of my life.


Ellen Dye said...

I was so happy to be a part of the grave dedication on Nov 12. Thanks to so many people who made it possible. I married into the Dye family. Elizabeth was my husband's Great Grandmother. Thanks for keeping the Butler history alive through this blog.

Jackie Fulmer said...

I wish that I had known about the ceremony for Zachariah and Patrick. I would have been there. My great-grandmother was Willie Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Jasper who was son of Milton who was son of Christopher who was son of James who was son of Zachariah. I am diligently working to document all of the ancestors births, marriages and deaths. Also, I am trying to include as much human interest as I can.