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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ancestry T V Show..Tells About The Past

Friday night T V just got a little better with the resumption of "Who do you think you are" The show that traces the ancestry of a famous person and tells about a branch of their family. I love this show! Each episode profoundly affects the viewer as well as the person whose story is being told. I found that learning about my family history helped explain more of my own life and why I am who I am. The past lives of our grandparents can impact us today. Think about how your life will affect your children and grandchildren. What is the legacy you want to leave them?
That's me in the front with my arms crossed. My grandfather is standing on the right next to my grandmother. The year was 1957. The tall boy in the back with the crew cut is my cousin Robert. My mother is right behind my grandmother. She looks so young in this picture...A moment in time captured for posterity.
One of the Butler family branches off a very large tree.

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