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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

William Madison ( Mac) Butler....

William M. (Mac) Butler was born November 1, 1920 to Tom and Lydia Butler. Uncle Mac and Aunt Margaret along with their children and spouses met us on Jekyll Island In the summer of 1999. We spent a week swimming, walking on the beach, talking and enjoying getting reacquainted. Our children got to spend some time together and get to know each other. We all went to see the movie "Saving Private Ryan" and Uncle Mac told us about his experiences in the "Battle of The Bulge". The movie must have brought back memories of that dangerous time in his life. He said that people died to his right and left almost every day and that he did not expect to come home alive. The Germans were all around and the American soldiers would just get a vehicle and start driving it if it had gas. He wrote all his experiences in a diary that his son Keith has. I remember reading some of it. He got home on Christmas Day1945 and surprised Mama and Papa Butler. They did not know he was coming home that day. He went to their home on Leslie Street in Atlanta. I know they were so happy and surprised to see him.

Uncle Mac married Margaret, the sister of his best friend in the army. They lived in Clifton, New Jersey and worked in the family business. They had two children, Keith and Janice.
Several summers they would all come down from new Jersey and visit us. We loved having them here in Georgia and we all have great memories of those summers. Uncle Mac would buy barbecue for supper and we would make home made ice cream. We tried to make them all Southerners in those short summer visits. They were our first cousins. They were part of our family........

Keith Butler m Monica c Amy, Katlin, Rachel

Janice Butler m/d Murphy c Jennifer, Chrissy

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