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Saturday, November 14, 2009

"I'm Working In The Rose Garden" Dennis Butler

When Mama Butler broke her hip I was asked to go sit with her at the hospital and relieve Uncle Dennis. Daddy took me up there and Uncle Dennis was standing outside the hospital room. His kind eyes greeted us as we walked down the long hallway. His thick gray hair still had some auburn mixed in and he shook hands with my daddy in a warm loving way. I knew they loved each other very much. They were two brothers who were concerned about their mama. As we entered the room my small, frail Grandmother looked up and smiled through the pain of her broken hip and said my daddy's name "David". She didn't want to be any trouble she said and I assured her that my coming to sit with her was no trouble at all for me. She was covered almost to her shoulders with a sheet and blanket and she had her head on a pillow that lifted it slightly so she could see the room and us. Her blue eyes twinkled as always except for a slight wince when she tried to shift or move some. For some reason the thought went through my head that Uncle Dennis was a favorite of hers. She seemed to depend on him and their loving glances told me they had a special, close relationship that mothers and special sons have. Maybe it was because he had been ill so long and had been home with her and Papa Butler through the war while her other boys were gone to fight. As he left her room she asked for reassurance that he would be back and he told her he would.

Shortly after Uncle Dennis passed away, Aunt Lyndell told my mother that she had a dream about him. He was in Heaven and she asked him what he was doing there. He said he was working in the rose garden. I'm sure that's where they both are now.........

Contributed By Lydia Butler Anderson

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