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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Story Is The Story Of America....

Our story is one of the many family stories of America. Aren't we still adventurers and explorers, risk takers and seekers? As our lives and individual stories continue to unfold, we play a small part in the history of this nation and the world just as our forefathers did. This story, our story is written every day by each of us as we live our lives, raise our children, solve our difficulties and pursue our version of the American Dream.
A dream is just a dream until a person takes some action to bring it to life. Part of that dream was religious freedom and freedom of expression of that faith and belief. Our Butler family expressed this freedom by going to worship, speaking about faith freely and allowing all others to do the same.

Part of that expression was the singing of hymns in the Sacred Harp style. Shape note singing was a part of the worship experience. It was music that ordinary folks could learn and share to show their reverence for God.

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