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Monday, September 27, 2010

Zachariah Butler & Sons..

In Sept 1780, at the age of 44, Zachariah Butler and his son James ,age 22, are listed on the "size roll" of the VA Continental Line. Drafted together, they both gave their occupation as "Planter"

With dark hair and blue eyes and 5'4" and 5'7" , we have a physical description of our colonial grandfathers. James Butler was born in St Pauls Parish,Hanover Co Va June 5, 1758. According to records he had been drafted in 1778 for two months, serving in Capt James Anderson's Co., Col. John Burton's Regiment. Then drafted with his father in 1780 for 18 months in Capt Richard Swepson's Co, and Capt Scott of Col Daris's Reg. He was reported to be in the engagement at Wood's Point on the James River. Before 1782 he married Sarah "Sally" Christopher. They had several children.Some lists include: Zachariah b1782,Christopher b1786,Sarah b1787, Martha b1791, Nancy b 1796, James b1800. Most were born in Elbert Co Ga where James moved after the war on land he received for his military service. Later he married Candice Dicey and they had several children also. Some sources say he was the father of at least 21 children. James lived in Elbert Co Ga for 46 years. By an Act of Congress, Revolutionary War Veterans were awarded a pension. In Feb. 1833 he applied for this pension and got an allowance of $73.33. James was a member of Bethel E Baptist Church and later Falling Creek Baptist Church on Old Post Road in Elberton Ga.

In 1836 along with neighbors and relatives James moved to Shelby Co Al. They went by wagon train led by Jordan Jones, a long time friend and neighbor. When changing the address for his pension James stated that since he had 10 children living in Al , he was moving there to spend what time he had left with them. He died Sept 11,1841 and was buried in the Jones-Bailey Cemetery on land that belonged to his friend Jordan Jones. A collection of stones in a built up rectangle with sloping sides and flattened top was placed over his grave site. Such mounds of stone were also used back in Ga. to mark other Butler graves. On Oct 16,1983 a new marker was dedicated by the DAR. Descendants of James were there, including Gary and Brandon Butler of Tenn. James Butler, son of an American patriot and a patriot himself was honored that day.

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